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About Us:
Core Team

Mr. Himanshu Aggarwal: B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Delhi, engaged in online marketing software and portal development. Vast technology experience from the US and India across multiple organizations. Manages multiple Internet assets with user base of 10,000s in the US and India.

Mr. Basant Agarwal : Renowned and very much popular person in Tea Trade and industry circle, member of governing body of Siliguri Tea Auction committee, having interest in various commodity trading and real estate business

Mr. Srawan Chowdhury : A very soft spoken and with new innovations, Owner of the most popular Tea brand CITY GOLD with an extensive marketing network all over India and Bought Leaf Tea manufacturing unit

Mr. Bajrang Sethia : Vice President of Siliguri Tea Traders Association, and very active Tea buyer and commission agent having interest in lot of other social activities

Mr. Sandeep Agarwal : Tea Planter and a very popular prime promoter of 1st Bought leaf Tea manufacturing facility in North Bengal having interest in many other business activities like Infrastructure etc.

Mr. Alok Singhal: An eminent and popular businessman of Siliguri, owner of Cement Grinding Unit and franchise unit of Hindustan Unilever Ltd., manufacturing Modern Bread and other Marketing and Logistics activities in association with various MNC s .

Tea Knowledge
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